Audition dates will be announced at a later date.  See the “Auditions” page for more details regarding audition requirements.



– The UMW Pep Band will have 3 rehearsals before the first performance.  Members will be expected to attend at least two of the three rehearsals.

– Rehearsal Schedule:  To be announced at a later date.



– The UMW Pep Band will perform at approximately 12 – 15  home varsity basketball games (men’s and women’s).  Some performances are single games (men’s or women’s) and some are double headers (men’s and women’s games).

– If either team makes the NCAA Division III post season tournaments, the Pep Band will participate with them.

– There may be other events that foster school spirit or support athletics programs that involve performances by the Pep Band on an opportune basis.

– Performance Schedule will be posted at a later date.